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Simple Front Lawn Transformation Installed by Garescape Landscaping

Updated: Jan 7

Customer wanted to remove old lawn and reduce its size and use drought tolerant plants and resistant lawn to save water.

And here is what we did for our customer!

  • We removed the lawn and installed irrigation system,

  • Installed new sprinkler heads with new nozzles.

  • Added fresh soil and mix it with one layer of fertilizer.

  • We used Bolero Plus for this customer's lawn.

  • We planted some new desert / Succulents plants and other small plants.

  • New drip line was installed to provide water to the new plants.

  • We also added new edging around the new lawn, this helps defining the lawn and new plants.

  • In the new planting area we installed one layer of weed barrier.

  • And at the end we just added final touch up with Black Mulch to cover exposed barrier. and to keep moister and placed 3 small rocks to give that unique look.

This project took us couple of days to complete.

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